#MobileTech project – Ms Bridget Sharpe – online survey and focus group summary poster

In 2014, Ms. Bridget Sharpe (Graded Honours Student, Speech Pathology, The University of Newcastle) conducted an investigation into hospital nurses’ views on the feasibility of using mobile communication technologies at the bedside with patients who cannot speak. The Online Survey saw recruitment through Twitter. The results of the online survey were discussed by one face-to-face focus group of hospital nurses. A summary of the research findings are presented in this poster and further outcomes of the research are in preparation for publication. Thank you to all those nurses who ReTweeted the link to the online survey, and who clicked and completed the survey online. We also thank the nurses who took part in the focus group discussion, verifying and expanding upon the results. We would be very interested to hear from any nurses who are actively implementing the use of mobile communication technologies at the bedside of patients who are unable to speak – as there is very little information available about their experiences.

Bridget Sharpe poster mobile tech in hospital nov 9_426pm

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