Twitter Experiences of People with ALS / MND or Stroke/Aphasia

Tweet Reach: Using Twitter to Increase Information Exchange in People with Communication Disabilities 2015
Investigators: Dr Bronwyn Hemsley (The University of Newcastle), Stephen Dann (Australian National University), Stuart Palmer (Deakin University), Susan Balandin (Deakin University), Meredith Allan. Ethically approved at The University of Newcastle.

The aims of this research are to:
(a) Collect Tweet Data: To collect publicly available Twitter data by people with severe physical and communication disabilities so that it can be used for ‘Tweet Network Data Analysis’ (that is, followers, following, and Tweet interactions) and ‘Tweet Content Data Analysis’ (meaning in the content written in a Tweet).
(b) Interview the Tweeter: Reflect upon the use of social media Twitter by people with severe physical and communication disabilities, in the light of their Tweet Data analysis.

WHO CAN TAKE PART? In this study we are looking for adults with communication difficulties (i.e. from stroke, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, spina bifida) and who are able to give their own consent, to talk to us about their use of social media particularly Twitter.

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? First we collect their Tweets from Twitter, then we send them a visualisation (graphic) of their Twitter data  to show their network and Tweets sent to other Twitter handles. Then, we invite them to participate in an interview about their Twitter experiences, and any barriers or facilitators to their use of Twitter. We hope that this information will help us to teach others about Twitter to improve their connection with others and gain information and support.

If you would like more information about the study or wish to take part, please contact Bronwyn by email

Associate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley, The University of Newcastle, NSW Australia.

+61 2 4921 7352 @bronwynhemsley

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