End 2015 wrap: 20 projects in progress through 2016

20 Communication Disability Projects (Analysis or Writing Up!) 2015-16

Tweet Reach: Twitter for people with communication disability project

Hemsley, B1., (with Palmer, S2., Dann, S3., & Balandin, S2.)

1DECRA The University of Newcastle, Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (Mar 2014-Mar 2017)

Advisors 2Deakin University, 3Australian National University

  1. Twitter data paper (UON) published.
  2. Traumatic brain injury and social media review (UON) published (Brunner PhD).
  3. Brunner PhD on Traumatic Brain Injury and Twitter (Supervision – ANU, UON, USYD, Deakin).
  4. Twitter training study (UON) in treatment phase, single case multiple baselines design.
  5. Twitter and Motor Neuron Disease / ALS


Transitions of Young Adults from Child to Adult Health Services – Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records: My Health Record (NHMRC funded 2013-2017)

CIs: Hemsley, B1., Balandin, S2., Georgiou, A3., Hill, S4.

1The University of Newcastle, 2Deakin University, 3Macquarie University, 4Uni, La Trobe University

  1. Research review: Health literacy models and eHealth records (UON)
  2. Research review: Health literacy demands of eHealth Records (La Trobe)
  3. Research review: Gender and eHealth Records (UWS)
  4. Research review: Supported accommodation and documents (Macquarie)
  5. Focus group data analysis (in preparation).
  6. Individual interviews data collection on My Health Record (recruitment, collection).


Keeping People with Communication Disability Safe in Hospital (NHMRC Project funded 2013-2017). (lead in brackets)

CIs: Hemsley, B1., Georgiou, A2., Hill, S3., Balandin, S4.

1The University of Newcastle, 2Macquarie University, 3La Trobe University, 4Deakin University

  1. Research review: communication disability in hospital (UON) published
  2. Research review: communication and safety in hospital (UON) published
  3. Data paper: Oral health (UON) published
  4. Data paper: Mobile technology (UON) published
  5. Research review: choking on food (UON) (writing stage)
  6. Research review: emergency retrievals and patient safety (UON) (analysis stage)
  7. Research review: early discharge and early re-admission to hospital (Deakin) (analysis stage)
  8. Write up results: Choking Case study; Multiple adverse events Case study; Falls; Call bell hell; Safety and Resilience; Safety and ward culture; 10 patients with communication disabilities and matched data/culture
  9. ‘Medical record forms’ and patient communication, analysis study


Please contact bronwyn.hemsley@newcastle.edu.au for any information about these studies, and watch our progress on this blog!


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