#MyHealthRecord and health literacy: Considering the healthcare recipient perspective

In March 2017 we released a Conversation EDU article to ask ‘Why aren’t more people using the My Health Record’ . At the time, final touches were being put on two journal articles, one detailing the health literacy demands of My Health Record itself, and the other examining the health literacy demands of online consumer facing information about the My Health Record.

Both of those articles are now accepted, with details as follows:

Walsh, L., Hemsley, B., Allan, M., Adams, N., Balandin, S., Georgiou, A., Higgins, I., McCarthy, S., & Hill, S. (In press). The ehealth literacy demands of Australia’s My Health Record: a heuristic evaluation of usability. Perspectives in Health Information Management.

Walsh, L., Hill, S., Allan, M., Balandin, S., Georgiou, A., Higgins, I., Krall, B., McCarthy, S., & Hemsley, B. (2017). A content and quality analysis of the consumer-facing online information about My Health Record: implications for increasing knowledge and awareness to facilitate uptake and use. Health Information Management Journal. doi: 10.1177/1833358317712200 early online. 

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