The business value of the My Health Record

Article Title: Assessing the business value of Australia’s national e-health Solution

Aims and method: This study involved semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders of My Health Record (i.e., users, healthcare providers, government representatives and e-Health experts). The project was underpinned by a systematic review of archival records, documents, and online resources.

Results: An analysis of the My Health Record using the ‘Business Value of IT in Healthcare’ model showed that the Record is primarily an “informational IT system”. Under this classification, the record should improve personal control over health information and service delivery, facilitate information sharing, support the integration of layers of service delivery and improve the overall quality of healthcare. A particular benefit was noted in the role of the Record in ensuring the continuity of care as patients transition between different services and healthcare providers.

Overall, stakeholders held positive perceptions of the usability of the My Health Record system. Indeed, the architecture, design and usability were viewed favourably. However, a lack of coordination between those using the system and those guiding implementation was noted as a ‘critical factor’ affecting its use. The provision of information and the process of implementation were viewed as the greatest barriers that limited the realisation of the true business value of the My Health Record.

Implications: The promised business values of the My Health Record are subject to technological, organisational, and human requirements. The issues highlighted in this study are the subject of follow-up studies by the same group.

Our onward queries: This research focused on consumers in general and on healthcare providers. What is the business value of My Health Record for healthcare consumers with a communication disability (who would potentially benefit from a system that helps them to communicate their health information), and their service providers?

Full reference of article

Haddad, P., Muhammad, I., & Wickramasinghe, N. (2016) Assessing the Business Value of Australia’s National e-Health Solution. Twenty-second Americas Conference on Information Systems, San Diego, 2016.

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