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Advance Care Directives and the Australian MyHR

Article Title: Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Advance Care Directives in Australia: Implications for the Advance Care Planning Document in the Australian My Health Record   Aims & Method: This literature review and discussion examined the legal and ethical issues relating to Advance Care Planning and Advance Care Directives in Australia. The review examined peer-reviewed... Continue Reading →


Engaging patients and valuing their use of My Health Record

Article Title: Avoiding Failure for Australia’s Digital Health Record: The Findings from a Rural E-Health Participatory Research Project Aims / method: This qualitative research study used interviews and focus groups to examine the experiences of people with chronic illness (n=19) and their carers, and health promotion officers (2) when using the Personal Health Note within... Continue Reading →

Usability and E-health Literacy Demands of Australia’s My Health Record

Article Title: The E-health Literacy Demands of Australia’s My Health Record: A Heuristic Evaluation of Usability Aims and Method: To evaluate the usability of components of Australia’s My Health Record and its information website. A heuristic evaluation method outlined in the US Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Health Literacy Online Checklist was applied.... Continue Reading →

Consumer-Facing Online Information about MyHR

Article Title: A Content Analysis of the Consumer-facing Online Information about My Health Record: Implications for Increasing Knowledge and Awareness to Facilitate Uptake and Use   Aims: In this study, the authors aimed to analyse the quality of consumer-facing information about the Australian MyHR available on the MyHR website and other websites in Australia. Quality... Continue Reading →

Health Information Infrastructure in Supported Accommodation in Australia

Article Title: Health Information Infrastructure for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Living in Supported Accommodation: Communication, Co-Ordination and Integration of Health Information Aims/Methods: This scoping review examined research, policies and health documents on the use of health documentation for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) living in supported accommodation in Australia. It... Continue Reading →

#HelloMyNameIs: A call for new research

In 2013, Kate Granger (@GrangerKate) (1981 – 2016), in response to her own health care experience as a cancer patient, launched the #HelloMyNameIs social media campaign with this tweet. From that point onwards, Kate (with her insights as a consultant medical officer and as a patient) and her husband Chris Pointon @PointonChris campaigned strongly to change... Continue Reading →


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