Patient perspectives on a personally controlled e-health record in regional Australia

Article title: Patient perspectives on a personally controlled electronic health record used in regional Australia: ‘I can be like my own doctor’ Aims and method: This qualitative study explored patients’ experiences and perspectives of using a locally developed personally controlled e-health record in an Australian health service. Results: The 12 participants described two main interdependent... Continue Reading →

The health literacy demands of electronic personal health records

Article title: The health literacy demands of electronic personal health records (e-PHRs): an integrative review to inform future inclusive research. Aims: This review aimed to integrate findings in peer-reviewed research to understand the health literacy demand imposed by electronic personal health records (ePHRs) for both patients and providers. The findings were integrated using a synthesis... Continue Reading →

End 2015 wrap: 20 projects in progress through 2016

20 Communication Disability Projects (Analysis or Writing Up!) 2015-16 Tweet Reach: Twitter for people with communication disability project Hemsley, B1., (with Palmer, S2., Dann, S3., & Balandin, S2.) 1DECRA The University of Newcastle, Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (Mar 2014-Mar 2017) Advisors 2Deakin University, 3Australian National University Twitter data paper (UON) published.... Continue Reading →

PCEHR-FIT (Foundation Implementation Translation) [Pre-Conf Workshop at #isdmisehc2015]

PCEHR-FIT: Foundation, Implementation, and Translation: Including Adults with Communication Disabilities in PCEHR Bronwyn Hemsley (1), Andrew Georgiou (2), Shaun McCarthy (1), Susan Balandin (3), Rob Carter (3), Sophie Hill (4), Shaun McCarthy (1) , Isabel Higgins (1), and Paulette van Vliet (1) 1 The University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia 2 Macquarie University, NSW, Australia 3... Continue Reading →

New NHMRC Project Grant Awarded on the PCEHR in Australia – Communication Disability

In October 2013 the Australian Government announced awarding of a 3-year project grant NHMRC to Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley, Prof. Susan Balandin, A/Prof. Andrew Georgiou, and Dr. Sophie Hill (Chief Investigators) and associate investigators, entitled "The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record: Charting the Course for Successful Healthcare Transitions for Young Adults with Communication Disabilities." This 3... Continue Reading →

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