#MobileTech project – Ms Bridget Sharpe – online survey and focus group summary poster

In 2014, Ms. Bridget Sharpe (Graded Honours Student, Speech Pathology, The University of Newcastle) conducted an investigation into hospital nurses' views on the feasibility of using mobile communication technologies at the bedside with patients who cannot speak. The Online Survey saw recruitment through Twitter. The results of the online survey were discussed by one face-to-face... Continue Reading →

#OralHealth project – Publications on Results

Update: The following paper has now been accepted to the journal 'Applied Nursing Research' on 22nd October 2015. Hilton, S., Sheppard, J. J., & Hemsley, B. (Accepted 22 Oct 2015) Feasibility of Implementing Oral Health Guidelines in Residential Care Settings: Views of Nursing Staff and Residential Care Workers.¬†Applied Nursing Research. The findings are also displayed... Continue Reading →


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