Views and Experiences of People with TBI in Using Social Media

‘I kind of figured it out’: the views and experiences of people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in using social media — self‐determination for participation and inclusion online. Aims: This qualitative interview study examined the views and experiences of 13 people with TBI and cognitive-communication disability to identify: The nature of their social media experience;... Continue Reading →


Inclusion of People with Communication Disability in Twitter

Bronwyn Hemsley, Stuart Palmer, and Babak Abedin have been working on Twitter research, and have made several discoveries relevant to determining a metric for measuring the inclusion of people with communication disability in Twitter. Research publications related to their work are listed here. Abedin, B. (2018). Why social media are more like chocolate than cigarettes.... Continue Reading →

End 2015 wrap: 20 projects in progress through 2016

20 Communication Disability Projects (Analysis or Writing Up!) 2015-16 Tweet Reach: Twitter for people with communication disability project Hemsley, B1., (with Palmer, S2., Dann, S3., & Balandin, S2.) 1DECRA The University of Newcastle, Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (Mar 2014-Mar 2017) Advisors 2Deakin University, 3Australian National University Twitter data paper (UON) published.... Continue Reading →

Public Lecture: Edith Cowan University 4th June 2015: Social media and e-health Information Communication Technologies (ICT): Communication Disabilities

Public Lecture, Edith Cowan University Social media and e-health Information Communication Technologies (ICT): online participation by people with communication disabilities for social interaction, information exchange, and e-health purposes. Associate Professor Bronwyn HemsleyThursday, 4 June 2015 9.30am-12.30pm ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 8, Room 8.201 Social medial and e-health information communication technologies In this seminar, Bronwyn will... Continue Reading →

Twitter Experiences of People with ALS / MND or Stroke/Aphasia

Tweet Reach: Using Twitter to Increase Information Exchange in People with Communication Disabilities 2015 Investigators: Dr Bronwyn Hemsley (The University of Newcastle), Stephen Dann (Australian National University), Stuart Palmer (Deakin University), Susan Balandin (Deakin University), Meredith Allan. Ethically approved at The University of Newcastle. The aims of this research are to: (a) Collect Tweet Data: To collect... Continue Reading →

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