4. Publications

The attached pages list publications that appear in international, peer-reviewed journals. All article references are organised by date of publication (in reverse chronological order).

The list includes publications on hospital safety, the Australian My Health Record, and the use of Social Media by people with communication disability.

Where appropriate:
Title links will direct you to the relevant article summary on our blog.
Doi links will direct you to the article on the publisher’s website.

For a full list of publications, please click the links:

2018 – Now
2014 – 2017
2001 – 2013
Research Posters

The Conversation offers perspectives on key research in a manner that is clear and accessible for the public. Articles on The Conversation are not peer-reviewed, but are written by academics with proven expertise on the areas in which they write.
We have published several articles on The Conversation. These can be viewed here.


Featured Publications

New publications are regularly summarised on the Blog – providing short and accessible information on key findings and implications.

Recent publications include:

Views and Experiences of People with TBI in Using Social Media

Advance Care Directives and the Australian MyHR




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